Success Stories

Central FL

A closed station was purchased for $550,000 and after rebranding with a competitive supply agreement and some minor repairs it sold within 90 days for $1,100,000.

Marion County

We sold a remodeled closed station in Ocala for $940,000 to a foreign investor and first time buyer.  Following our consultation and training, the buyer ran a clean, competitive and profitable business and sold the location 18 months later for $1,695,000.

St. Johns County

A first time buyer bought a new closed station in Jacksonville for $110,000.  Within 2 years we sold the business for $330,000. If you are willing to work hard and use our knowledge of the business you can have similar results.

Volusia County

A first time buyer bought a new closed location.  With our help getting a competitive supply agreement and training, the station reached sales of 110,000 gallons per month and over $115,000 in store sales in just 6 months.

Brevard County

We assisted a buyer in the purchase of a $1,900,000 station in foreclosure, after negotiations we were able to get the location for just $750,000.

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